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Hello to y’all wannabe digital business owners, welcome to my humble blog. I’ve been thinking in starting some kind of posts category where I talk about real success stories in digital venture to try to inspire you in your path. The idea is to do a post like this once a month, but I can’t guarantee you that this is what will actually happen (you will have to forgive me). If you read my last post about the many opportunities that we have to make money on the internet you already know how this business model works. But don’t worry, I will briefly summarize what this online business is about so you do not have to read it right away – but do not forget to check it later if you want to dig deeper into the subject. This way of making money online basically consists in generating potential clients to a company or a service provider – usually through search engine optimization – and charging them a certain value per deal closed or call generated. The secret is to do it for local business from medium sized cities, where the competition is not that high and the returns are reasonably good. So, without further ado, let’s go to the story of this dear friend of mine who was successful on his lead generation site.

How he went from broke to making $1000/mo passively with just one site

This friend of mine was an ordinary person, just like you and me. We both began to study the means of generating an online income at about the same time, basically because of our willingness to live a freer life. As soon as we saw the gigantic opportunity that is to build an online business that generates money on autopilot, and needs very few adjustments to be done, we couldn’t do anything besides searching on how to do our digital adventure work. Even because passive income was a regular subject in our conversations, we were charmed by the possibility of one day leaving the notorious “rat race”, although it seemed more like an unreachable dream. Just a quick spoiler: this friend now lives of his passive earnings of his internet based business (and this could be you too!).

His first successful venture wasn’t anything fancy, anyone with a little patience and determination could do it as well. Essentially, he built a website with the purpose of generating leads for Gainesville towing companies, focusing on connecting the customers to the best towing service provider of the city. When everything was working and good to go he made sure to close a deal with a reliable company, because, as you can possibly tell, he wasn’t a fan of the idea of associating his site with a bad company that would give the clients a poor towing experience and stain his image.

Obviously it was not as simple and glamorous as it may seem. There’s a lot of things to learn and work to do before having a fully functional digital business that makes money on autopilot consistently. For this website in particular it took him about 5 months to build it and start to earn some cash, so it isn’t nearly as easy and quick as this post might suggest it is. It’s worth mentioning that before even thinking about starting anything you will need to spend some weeks studying about the business model that you chosen to do. If you’re interested in this lead generation model I recommend you this blog post – it will certainly assist you in your online journey.

Hope I could inspire you to start a new chapter in your life, best of luck and see you soon!